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Guangdong prosthetic rehabilitation center (hereinafter referred to as the center) predecessor for guangdong province honorary soldiers JiaZhiChang of guangdong province, JiaZhiChang, was founded in 1955, south China, scale is biggest, the comprehensive strength in the national arrangement best prosthetic rehabilitation welfare institutions, but also guangdong worker inductrial injury, traffic accident causes damage, the disabled and home office in guangdong province as a revolutionary disable armyman install artificial limb, orthopaedic implement, wheelchair and crutches of fixed unit. Center possesses including machinery, medical, electronic technology, artificial limb and other kinds of medium and senior technical personnel, implement production, scientific research, rehabilitation trinity of management mode.


Prosthetic product USES Germany, the United States, Britain, France, and Japan's advanced technology, equipment and material prosthesis, except for domestic auv outside, still make special request personage with the most advanced intelligent prosthesis, and can according to different parts of amputation, patients with different residual limb shape, patient different economic ability to provide different materials made of different structure of high, medium and low-grade prosthesis. The rehabilitation center set by the medical department, members of the analyzed comprehensive rehabilitation, to return to the society provides the reliable guarantee, Rehabilitation equipment department development, production of wheelchairs and crutches series products, sold far away to the Middle East, America, Western Europe, Africa and southeast Asia, Center is auxiliary business trade disabled and the elderly, the disabled, maneuvering tricycle supplies appliance etc, to provide perfect rehabilitation services are analyzed.


According to our technical force, the scientific research achievements and comprehensive strength, the center successively by the national departments as: China prosthesis of standing director unit, China rehabilitation and special equipment standardization technical committee unit, China rehabilitation engineering technical committee unit, since 1993 was appointed China prosthetic association vice-president unit.

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